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The Evolution of the Sooother™

Proof of Concept to Design Simplication & Optimization

The first order of business in Sooother™ development was to quantify and optimize the our sooothing motion. This involved simple testing to determine of the most effective frequency and amplitude of displacement. We quickly discovered that the vertical motion was effective from 30 cycles per minute to 90 cycles per minute with displacements from 2 to 6 inches (top-to-bottom), but most effective around 60 cycles per minute with about 4 inches of displacement.

Our first models were crude motor driven mechanisms that provided the ability to test and validate various vertical amplitudes and frequencies. It didn't take long to realize the superior effectiveness of the Sooother™ motion over rocking, swinging, vibrating and side-to-side motions. This took us down a path of design simplification, refinement and optimization. Leading to an extremely simple, cost effective, modular design that will run hundreds of hours on a single set of batteries.

Much later reseach findings further validated the Sooother™ motion. Our research also validated our own findings that stimulating motions like side-to-side, rocking, swinging and vibrating often don't work because of unnatural organ movement (causing reflux), inner ear fluid motion (causing nausea), and other unsettling physiological responses.

Please visit our Videos & Pictures page to view the motion of some of these earlier Sooother™ designs.

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